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Priyanka Chopra reveals the meaning behind her and Nick Jonas’ matching tattoos and how his proposal inspired it



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Image Credit: DIGGZY/SplashNews

in the history of celebrity couple tattoosSome doses are. so when Priyanka Chopra opened till British the trend how he and Nick Jonas There’s matching ink, fans can’t be blamed for fearing the worst. Thankfully, what Priyanka, 40, had to say about her and Nick, 30’s design, was pretty romantic. “I have a check and a box behind my ears,” she said, explaining that she called back the night Nick proposed.

Jonas Brothers The member said that Priyanka asked before asking, “Can I do another check?” Apparently, Priyanka was ready to investigate All boxes, and Nick agrees to become her wife by getting some new ink. Nick holds a checkmark and a box behind his arms. They are two minimal tattoos that cover her body, but both represent the one night that her life changed for the better.

Nick Jonas’ tattoos (Edward Opie / SplashNews)

Priyanka also revealed how Nick changed Priyanka’s life, including how she started a family with her daughter., Malta Mary, Priyanka says, “My husband is so thoughtful when he’s around…everything seems to be okay.” “He has taught me to approach things from a very calm place. I was a whirlwind – still am – a mile a minute, bee in a bonnet type person, and he is not. their daughter, whom Nick and Priyanka welcomed via surrogateIn January 2022, according to her mother, “we’ve got the best gift ever”.


Priyanka and Nick recently celebrated Malt’s first birthday. Their younger daughter needed to spend 100 days in the NICU, which meant this first stop was huge. “We had to celebrate,” said Nick. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, “She went through a pretty wild journey early in her life, so we had to celebrate in style.” Nick also said that this year he has focused on being a family man rather than becoming an international pop star. “Being a new dad has taken a lot on a personal front, so it’s taking up most of my time,” he said.

Nick kicks off his daddy life year taking my wife and daughter to the beach, The trio surfed the surf and sand on January 22, but since it was still winter, they opted to take in the scenery from their beachside abode.

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