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Salma Hayek wore a see-through fishnet dress to the ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ premiere in South Beach: PHOTOS



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Image credit: Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

Salma Hayek can always be counted on extravagant fashion moment, but she was defeated myself too arrives for the South Beach premiere of magic mike’s last dance Wearing a daring outfit! eternal The star, 56, arrived in a sheer fishnet black dress, embellished with colorful floral applique and paired with a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms and matching bra. mother of one Her hair was pulled into a dramatic high ponytail and accessorized with a green handbag, layered necklace, platform heels, and classic hoop earrings. Her makeup was perfection in glam neutral tones.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek arrives at the premiere of ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ on January 25, 2023 in South Beach. (Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

Salma opened up about the role in December. “It’s very physically challenging,” she said at of an already famous steamy lap dance sight. “Oh my god. You just wait to see. It’s complicated.” They also hilariously dished on what it was like to show up to work on set. “I play a strong woman,” she explained of her character, Maxandra Mendoza. “You know how my day at the office was? I’d just sit around and watch, like, 12 men, half-naked, dancing and pirating. And I had to surround them.

for his iconic spirit red carpet style, she explained in a 2015 interview how it could “reinvest”. “I think the fun thing about fashion is that it’s a place where you can exercise your creativity and you can rediscover yourself every day,” she said. glamor’s UK version those days. And what is the other side of it?

“I think the bad part of fashion is that it’s not healthy when you try to copy everybody else instead of discovering your own identity,” she said. “It’s not satisfactory.” That said, with “Color,” she mixes things up.

“I love adding color,” she told the outlet. “I like to do a lot of basic colors like black or beige and then have an accessory that has color. Like a big scarf. I have this Alexander McQueen scarf from Damien Hirst collection. When I wear it, even if my other clothes are really simple, it’s just something. Or a colorful hat or a great pair of shoes and a bag if it’s colorful.

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