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‘Special Forces’ recap: Hannah Brown excels and Danny Amendola threatens to quit



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In the last 4 days, Special Forces: The World’s Toughest Test The course has claimed 8 vacancies. When the fifth day begins, Danny Amendola has been appointed to rally Recruitment in the morning. The directing staff is looking to see if he can bring everyone together for the day and be a leader.

The first task of the day is the most death-defying one yet. The recruits must retreat to the side of a building. That’s pretty down because they’re 250 feet in the air. Even before the building is brought down, they have to run to the top of the building with their gear.

Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore in ‘Special Forces: The World’s Toughest Test’. (fox)

Almost everyone struggles to climb stairs. Danny is the first one to go, and he does a great job. Kenya Moore And Dwight Howard pass the task while Anthony Scaramucci And Mike Piazza fail. Hannah Brown She is afraid of heights, but she excels in this challenge. The DS member tells him that he has “excellent technique”.

After the task, Mike is called for questioning. He is honest about his performance. He is “finishing down but not doing well in the process.” Mike admits that he is “a little disappointed” in himself.

The next act is straight out of an action movie. Recruits must identify an exit route and drive through it in the face of shelling and explosions. danny, kenya, mike, anthony, carli lloydAnd Gus Kenworthy All tasks failed. Gus is said to have said that his performance was an “absolutely disastrous fail”. Hannah isn’t a fan of all the yelling, but she’s able to push through and pass the task.

On the way, gets into a heated argument with Danny cat, one of the DS members. Billy yells at Danny for his attitude, and Danny backs off when he shouldn’t. When they return to base camp, Danny is contemplating leaving. Mike tells Danny that he shouldn’t give up now.

Danny Amendola
Danny Amendola on the January 25 episode. (fox)

Danny feels humiliated. He asks Carly if Billy was out of line. When Mike tries to chime in, everyone starts yelling at Mike for talking to Carly. Carly plays Devil’s Advocate with Danny. It was a heated moment, but the directing staff is going to try to do just that.

Danny and Billy have a one-on-one conversation about what happened. Danny has to make a decision about whether to stay or go.

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