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‘The Traitors’ Rachel Reilly breaks down her ’emotional’ exit and ‘one-sided’ feud with Kate Chastain (EXCLUSIVE)



never doubt Rachel Reilly on a reality competition show. The 38-year-old reality star put up a good fight traitorby working with other “loyalists” to eliminate the accomplice elder brother the winner Cody Calafiore who was one of the “traitors”. But Rachel was eliminated in episode 8 when another “traitor”, Siri Fields, turned it on. talked to rachel HollywoodLife to an exclusive interview and admitted that she “had no idea” that Siri – the show’s eventual winner – was a “traitor”.

Rachel Reilly (Photo: Euan Cherry/The Peacock)

“Ciri plays such a good game. I was just as confused as everyone else,” Rachel admitted. “I didn’t guess it was Siri until it was Episode 8 when I was banished was.” Rachel and Siri were already friends when they filmed USA Network snake in the grass, So when Siri cheated on Rachel, the spirited red head knew something was wrong.

“If Siri was trustworthy, she would vote with him Stephanie [Lagrossa Kendrick] and me. Siri isn’t afraid to do her own thing,” explained Rachel. “She is not going with the group. So I thought clearly she is doing this for her game which clearly means she has to be a traitor. So I was very emotional too,” she also said. Because at that point I was feeling, not only am I turning blind, not only am I turning on my friends, but then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m going home because Ciri is a traitor, and It was only at this moment that I realized that she has been a traitor all this time. ,

Rachel’s Experience traitor including a hilarious feud with below deck alum kate chastain, Though Kate took several jabs at Rachel — and her outfit choices — all season long, Rachel confirmed that the two made up after filming wrapped.

“Outside the palace, Kate is lovely. she’s pregnant, He’s fun,” Rachel told us. “But at the palace, we were definitely turning heads.”

Rachel Reilly
Kate Chastain and Rachel Reilly on ‘The Traitors’ (Photo: Peacock)

Rachel explained that Kate and Brandy Glanville he didn’t like it because he defended Michael Davidson when they were convinced he was a “traitor” when he was not. Furthermore, Rachel thinks her friendship with Stephanie “pushed Kate off off the deep end for disliking us.”

“I think it was very one-sided,” Rachel also said of the feud, before revealing that the pair were on great terms at the red carpet premiere of The Peacock Show in December. “He complimented my jacket in New York. It’s in fashion now,” she said, laughing.

has only had one season traitor Not yet, but fans are already asking for more from Peacock’s strategy show. And Rachel confirms she wants a second chance to win! “Obviously if they did ‘The Traitors: All Stars,’ please call me,” she said. all 10 episodes of traitor currently streaming Peacock,

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