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‘The View’ host laughs awkwardly after ‘fart’ noise on live TV: Watch



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Image credit: ABC / Jeff Lipsky

sight The hosts were taken aback when a loud flatulence could be heard during a moment on the January 25 show when they were trying to spill a liquid. Whoopi Goldberg co-host pointed out the leak Sarah Haines shortly after Alyssa Farrah Griffin recently began speaking out about the classified documents discovered on the former Vice President mike penceIndiana is home. Suddenly, there was a disturbance and all five women were temporarily distracted. Talk Show‘steady.

“We had a little leak on the other side of the table,” Alyssa laughed and giggled a bit. “Now it’s on my pants,” said Sarah as she and Whoopi tried to clean up the leak with their Talking Point cards. Some members of the audience could also be heard laughing but the noise was not brought up again.

unexpected and ridiculous distraction was not the first sight host Other years have had to deal with it. Last year, host joy spring She fell head first when she was trying to climb onto the high chair the women sit on during the show. Her co-hosts helped lift her up and luckily, she wasn’t hurt, but it made the show easier for her to switch chairs.

The View hosts
‘The View’ host poses for a promo photo. (ABC / Jeff Lipsky)

“Twenty five years, this has never happened – who do I sue?” Joy asked gleefully as she sat down. on the table,

During another recent episode, Whoopi was unexpectedly heckled by an audience member when they called her an “old broad” during a live show. “I morning An old broad, and happy about it,” He repliedSo that other people laugh at him and encourage him.

Another incident on-air, later dubbed “fart-gate” by the public, occurred in 2014 and was similar to the latest farting-like noise incident. After hearing a strange and strange noise during a discussion, Whoopi pretends that she accidentally passed the gas by saying, “Sorry! Ooh, ooh,” but when she Addressed this the next day, she revealed that she was not responsible for it and was only joking. “There was a sound effect we’d never heard before,” explained the comedian. “I’m thinking, ‘Damn, this is weird, what can I do?’ Oh I know! I’m gonna pretend I let some go. in laughter.”

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